The necessary steps to register for the first conference on science and development in Yemen:

1- You must register for the conference by filling in the registration form on the home page of the first scientific conference website (in the list of participation) –, before uploading your paper.

2- After filling out the registration form, you will get your username and password.

3- By using your username and password, you will be able to include a summary of your proposal according to your choice of topic in the text message field.

4- The proposal can be submitted in Arabic or English.

5- Specify a special title for the abstract, and the committee can ask the researcher to make amendments and forward them again (in this case, the writer will be informed of the details of the amendments).

6- Determine the type of post.

7- Present using powerpoint (online).

8- Your participation will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.  You will be notified of acceptance (or rejection) by e-mail.

9- Accepted papers will be published and it will be the responsibility of each researcher to ensure that they are carefully edited according to the templates set for publication.