The presidency of the conference, represented by Prof. Dawood Abdulmalek Yahya Al‐Hidabi, extends its great thanks and gratitude to Prof. Dr. Khalid Ahmed Al-Wasabi for sponsoring the first conference on development in Yemen, organized by the Development Communication Foundation and the Yemeni Students Union in Malaysia, which will contribute to providing solutions to development problems in our country, and highlights the efforts of researchers  Yemenis inside and outside the country, and we extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Adel Mohammed Bahmaid, the Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen in Malaysia for his great cooperation and support for the success of the conference, and also to Dr. Abdullah Al-Thifani, the cultural attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Malaysia, for his encouragement and support in holding the conference, which represents an opportunity  Great for sharing experiences and transferring knowledge.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed and will contribute to the success of this conference.